Because each employer and their employees have unique needs, our consulting team is available to work one-on-one with you to develop a unique commute program that works for your situation. Best of all? Our expert advice is free.

Local Treasure Valley businesses discuss the importance of leading and promoting smart commute options in the workplace.

Our staff understands that the best employee transportation programs are flexible and customized. That's why we're here to  provide the support and tools you need to create and implement a commuter program that works for your team including:

+ Overall Program Consultation

Our expert team will work one-on-one with you to develop a commuting options plan that is customized for your organization and employees.

+ Program Results Reporting

We'll take the lead on capturing and reporting data for your company, including financial savings to employees, vehicle miles of travel reduced, and tons of air pollution reduced.

+ On-site Events

Let our staff coordinate presentations and/or tabling events for your employees to share information on commute options, assistance and available resources. We'll come to you.

+ Financial Incentives Paid to Your Employees

We'll help you configure incentives designed to motivate commuters to rethink their commute, and try a smarter alternative.

+ Alternative Work Arrangement Consulting

Let our expert consulting staff help you review options like telecommuniting, compressed work weeks, or a flexible work hours program to see if they would work for your team.

+ Pre-tax Benefits to Lower Commute Expenses

We can help you explore the pre-tax IRS program that is designed to reduce employee commute costs by up to 1/3. We'll help you determine if you'd like to run your program by having employees set aside a monthly amount on a pre-tax basis, if your company will subsidize expenses, or as a combination of these two methods.

Paying transit and vanpool costs for your employees is a great tax-free benefit for them, and gives you a tax break too.

+ Employee Commute Surveys

We'll conduct a 2-minute customized survey with your employees and help you determine the current way they get to work and their level of interest in alternative commuting.

+ Commuter Ridematching and Guaranteed Ride Home

Let us provide your employees assistance in finding commute options, rideshare partners, or vanpool options, plus up to Six free rides rides home each year for registered employees who need an emergency ride home.

+ Employer Recognition

By being a community leader in alternative commuting in our area, you'll gain exposure in local media and our annual awards program that spotlights your organization's participation and positive impact. Our May in Motion campaign is a great way to increase employee participation.

+ Case Studies

We love a good success story. Our team can share and review case studies with you that show how similar employers have implemented commute options programs and the results they achieved.

+ Relocation Commute Planning

We are here to provide special assistance when an employer moves, by providing employees with information about the best commute options available to get them to their new worksite.


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employee incentives


57% of commuters expressed an interest in working for an employer that offers a commuter benefits program, and your customized commute program can be part of your overall suite of employee benefits - right along with your other benefits like medical, dental, and vision insurance.  

Lead the change in your organization by providing your employees with the commuting options they need.

Employee Guaranteed Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home

Designed for peace of mind, your employees will never be stranded if they can't use their normal alternative transportation mode to commute from work.  Emergency? Unscheduled overtime? No problem, we'll get them home.

Employee Transi-Checks


Give your team a financial incentive to try a smarter commute at no cost to you. With Transi-Checks, your employees can receive $20 for the first 3 months to be used toward their vanpool fare or bus passes.  How's that for motivation?

Employer Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

Current under IRS code Section 132, employers can offer employees the ability to pay for vanpool and public transportation expenses with pre-tax dollars. The savings are significant, as up to $265 a month or $3,180 a year can be contributed tax-free.


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