How to Play

Ridetoberopoly can be played as an individual, team, or both! The premise is simple - use a smart commute (i.e., carpool, vanpool, walk, bike, or ride the bus) to and from work as often as you can during the month of October. Show us your commute mode and be entered to win prizes from $50 to $500!

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Start playing for a chance to win $50 each week in October!

1. Visit

2. Log in or create a profile to find a smart commute that works for you

3. Track at least two smart commute trips on the Commute Calendar each week

That’s it! Once your commute is tracked, you’re automatically entered to win. Track your smart commutes by 11:59pm Sunday night for the week prior; winners will be drawn every Monday morning.


Grab some friends and form a Ridetoberopoly Team for a chance to land on “NO Free Parking” and win a team prize of $500!

1. Assemble a team of 3 - 5 commuters

2. Collect a mode card for each type of smart commute completed; teams must collect all four mode cards

3. Share photos of each commute type on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter using #Ridetober so we can verify the smart commutes and see your team having fun!

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Woohoo! At the end of the October, one team wins the “NO Free Parking” $500 prize.


Please join us for a Ridetoberopoly event near you to learn about smart commute options, grab a snack, and take some fun photos! This is a great opportunity to find Ridetoberopoly teammates, learn from other transportation gurus, and pick up a Get Out of Jail Free card…you never know when you may need it! While you’re there, enter the raffle to win a $25 gift card just for stopping by to say hi!


NOTE: This commute challenge is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way, by Hasbro Corp, its affiliates or subsidiaries. It is a parody.