When you join a vanpool you automatically become a member of Club Red - a group that is leading the charge in fundamentally changing the way our community gets to work. Not sure what a vanpool is? A vanpool is like a large carpool with groups of 7+ commuters who share a similar commuting route and schedule. With your fare, Commuteride covers all of the operating costs associated with your vanpool including your van, maintenance, gas, and insurance.

Much more than just a ride to the office, when you catch a ride with Club Red you leave behind your stressful commute, save money, and free up valuable time you can use each day to relax, chat with your ride mates, catch up on some work, or even grab that much-needed (and well deserved) nap. Need another reason to get started?

Up to the first month is free!

All new Club Red members (or those who haven’t been a member in 2+ years) enjoy up to one month of free vanpool service. There are no obligations to continue if Club red doesn’t meet your expectations.

Emergency Ride Home

For your peace of mind, our Emergency Ride Home program will
make sure you get home if you have an emergency, or if you unexpectedly
need to stay later than normal at the office.

Check out our current routes in Find A Van (below). If you don't see what you need, give us a call at 345-POOL and we'll can help you start a new vanpool or put you on our potential vanpool list.

WanT To Vanpool?


Why Join Club Red?

Parking you car and riding to work with Club Red can put more money in your wallet, give you more time, improve your networking skills, and take the stress out of the daily drive.  Would you believe there are even more reasons to make the change?

+ Be Green

If we all used alternative transportation one time a week, we'd reduce the number of cars on our road by 20%. That's a lot of pollution kept out of our air and fossil fuels conserved! Our vanpool program eliminates over 700 tons of CO2 every month. Go Club Red and be green.

+ Discover Financial Rewards

When you ride with vanpool, you pay for your fare and that's it. No need to plan for costs associated with driving your own car like fuel costs, car maintenance, car insurance, and more. We bet you have something else you'd rather spend that money on!

+ Enjoy the ride

Find time in your busy schedule by riding with vanpool. With no need to watch the road, you can relax and enjoy the ride. Imagine what you could do with the time you'd save each day. What books would you read? How many catnaps could you grab? What fun conversations could you have? Find out by joining Club Red.

+ Premium Parking

With free on-street parking, your Club Red van will never waste time circling the block or a parking garage trying to find a place to park. Best of all, there's no need to carry a pocket of quarters for the meter.

+ Always have an Emergency Ride Home

Never worry about missing a ride home. Our Emergency Ride Home+ program will get you home (or back to your car) if you have an emergency, fall ill, or if you simply need to stay later than normal at the office. Call Boise City Taxi at 377-3333 and show them your Club Red Card... note gratuity not included. Commuteride is billed directly. Who doesn't love a little peace of mind?

+ Get started with Transi-Checks

Get paid to try a smarter commute. With Transi-Checks, you can receive $20 for the first 3 months to be used toward your vanpool fare. Ask your employer if they participate. If not, have them give us a call to get your company started. How's that for motivation to join Club Red?

+ Discover Tax Benefits

Under current IRS code, you can pay for vanpool expenses with pre-tax dollars, if your employer participates. The savings are significant, as you can contribute up to $265 a month or $3,180 a year tax-free. Ask your employer if they partcipate and get started today!


Though you may never need it, you have a ride home if an emergency ever strikes.
Emergency Ride Home+ (ERH+) is available when:

  • You or an immediate family member gets sick or has a severe crisis.

  • You have unexpected overtime.

Participants in the Emergency Ride Home+ Program are eligible for six prepaid rides or a maximum of $300 per calendar year. Eligible participants will receive a Club Red Benefit card to use as their Emergency Ride Home+ identification card that contains an authorization number on the back of the card. 

Taxi rides must originate from the participant’s work site and their destination is to their home or their vehicle. One additional stop in route is acceptable if it is to a pharmacy for a prescription or a school or daycare to pickup children. The participant must have vanpooled to work the day of the taxi ride. ERH+ users are responsible for the taxi driver’s gratuity.  

Eligible participants will contact Boise City Taxi to schedule the ride from their employer site; their phone number is 208-377-3333.