Let's Talk Transportation

Few industries will experience more disruption in the next few years than transportation. How many of us have ordered from Amazon rather than going to the store? Or, taken Uber to get downtown rather than driving? Further, how many of us are eagerly awaiting the flying taxi? Seriously, it’s real. 

Mobility is changing quickly; shifting demographics, emerging technology, and flexible work schedules dictate how and why we travel. For the first time in history, this country’s workforce is made up of five generations of adults, ranging from age 20 to 89. And all those baby boomers? While many are still working, that still leaves a huge population that isn’t using our transportation network for commute purposes. In fact, over the last few decades, the greatest growth in travel is not related to work trips.

Advances in technology also affect how we use the transportation network. The US Department of Transportation “Beyond Traffic 2045” report projects that freight volume in the United States will increase by 45 percent, due in part to online shopping. Let us not forget ridehailing services such as Uber and Lyft, both great options to increase an individual’s mobility (if they can afford it), but do nothing to reduce the vehicle miles traveled on our already congested network. 

Planning and designing our future transportation infrastructure must adapt in order to achieve a transportation network that both increases mobility and quality of life. This spring, five local organizations will come together to present a transportation series to highlight the opportunities these changes bring and spark debate and action on how our region can better prepare for the future. The 2019 Transportation Series includes five valuable and insightful learning opportunities that demonstrate leadership in transportation demand management (TDM) and provide thoughtful transportation planning for the Treasure Valley.  

You will learn from the Southwest Idaho chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS), Urban Land Institute Idaho (ULI), ACHD Commuteride, and Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS). The culmination of these events, conducted by the City Club of Boise, will bring together a panel of experts to discuss “where we go now.” Please join me in attending each of these sessions and learn how to future-proof our region’s transportation infrastructure.

Learn more at www.LetsTalkTransportation.com.