Welcome to the new ACHD Commuteride website!  We hope you enjoy it and find the information you are looking for, whether it is reasons to choose a smarter commute option, finding a carpool/vanpool partner, identifying how to improve your business by helping your employees or simply looking for information related to commuting in the Treasure Valley.

Please check back with us often.  In fact, we already have several updates planned.  These include a new Commuteride team page (coming in 2 weeks), a new online rideshare platform (coming in October!!!), and our TDM Tidbits bulletin will be posted on our Transportation Demand Management Page every month.  In addition, we hope to use our blog to highlight activities our partners are undertaking that support smart commuting, but also how our region can address the growing congestion and shrinking funds through effective Transportation Demand Management.

As always, happy commuting!

Maureen Gresham, ACHD Commuteride Manager