Commuteride launched its new rideshare platform, in January.  This platform allows any individual to go online and find what smart transportation options to get to/from work that may work for them. 

What is a smart transportation option, you may ask? It’s any option that provides financial, health related and environmental benefits to both the person smart enough to choose that option and to the entire region.  Take for instance, health benefits.  If biking to work, the benefits are obvious. Not only do you get your recommended daily exercise but you arrive to work refreshed and ready to focus on the day.  But, did you know that if your commute is longer than 10 miles you are at greater risk to heart disease.  Give your heart a break and try vanpooling!  Vanpooling allows you to relax in comfort while heading to work.   

What’s even cooler about is that it not only allows an individual to track each of these benefits every time they choose a smart option but win prizes as well, just for being smart about how you choose to get to/from work.  We just awarded “Rain” tickets to a smart commuter!

So, what is stopping you from finding your smart commute option?