ParkBOI Carpool

Save money and park in the best spots! Carpool 4 times a week and cut your monthly parking fare in half and get priority parking in the ParkBOI garages. Worried about those days you can’t carpool?  Each approved carpooler receives 4 daily parking passes each month to use on days unable to carpool.  Not a monthly garage pass holder? Carpoolers move to the top of the ParkBOI parking wait list. ParkBOI Carpool members have to sign up on MyCommuterCrew as a carpooler (and have a designated carpool partner).

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Take advantage of the ParkBOI Carpool program:

1.      Create a commuter profile at – make sure your carpool partners do the same.

2.      Complete the ParkBOI Monthly Parking Enrollment/Payment Policy Form and ParkBOI Carpool Program Addendum – make sure you include your carpool partner’s name/email.

3. Go to ParkBOI Offices to officially enroll

4.      Track your commute every month – each carpooler (ACHD Commuteride checks the website on the 5th of the following month to verify that you are carpooling 4 times/week)

5.      Place the ParkBOI Carpool Program hangtag on your rear view mirror

6.      Park in an open spot in one of the designated priority carpool areas or any other open spot of your choosing.

7.      On those days you choose not to carpool, use one of your daily passes and park in any non-designated parking space in the garage (pick up your 4 daily passes at CCDC for those days you are unable to carpool).

Want more information? Contact CCDC at 208-384-4264.  

Need a carpool partner?  Visit the MyCommuterCrew rideshare platform and create a commuter profile. Don’t forget to select carpool as one of your options.