Commuting Through Construction? UGH.

Commuting often feels like a chore. Twice a day, commuters stuff themselves into their cars, fall in line, and slowly make their way to and from work alongside 282,000 other Treasure Valley commuters. To make matters worse, more often than not there’s some sort of delay – a stalled car on the side of the interstate, an unexpected snow day, or the ever-dreaded “construction season.” 

Ah, yes. Construction season means you may be driving through cones, chipseal, and construction flaggers. We are in the midst of the Ada County Highway District’s biggest construction season ever.

Biggest. Construction. Season. Ever.

Move over Snowmageddon, it’s time for Constructionmageddon to take the spotlight. It’s no small feat to find a route to work that hasn’t been touched by the $61 million dollars ACHD is investing in the county’s transportation season this year. Of course, when all is said and done, our commutes will easy-breezy and safer – here’s to counting down the days! But heavy construction isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…you may have noticed that our valley is growing exponentially and we have to make room for all of the additional residents and businesses – and therefore the additional traffic – that comes with the growth.

But fear not, faithful commuters! Getting to and from work doesn’t have to be a drag, drain your wallet, or waste two hours of your day. Commuteride has got you covered!

How to Get Through Constructionmageddon (When Finding a Different Route Just Won’t Cut It)

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Tempted? Intrigued? Visit or call 345-POOL. You might decide you like saving money, making friends, and getting free time back and stick around even after “construction season” wraps up! Let us help!