ride together and share the road.

Did you know we can reduce road congestion in the Treasure Valley by 20% if everyone carpooled one time a week?

When you carpool, you reduce commuting stress, save money, and enjoy time spent riding to work with a neighbor or new friend.  Some employers in the Treasure Valley even offer preferential carpool parking and other incentives to encourage their employees to drive in together. 

Carpooling is a great option for people who want to share a ride to work in a private car. Many carpoolers share transportation costs or alternate driving duties, but how you arrange your carpool is completely up to you.

Don't have a ride partner?  Commuteride’s ride matching service (MyCommuterCrew) pairs individuals with similar commute patterns, work schedules, and office locations, so you never have to worry about finding a partner by yourself. 

If you have an emergency or need to work late for unscheduled overtime - don't worry. You'll always have a ride home with Commuteride’s Emergency Ride Home program. Carpool participants must pre-register for this program to qualify.

Why Carpool?

Riding to work with a friend can increase your happiness levels, free up some cash, and eliminate the boredom of a lonely solo ride to work.  Would you believe there are even more reasons to make the change?

+ Make the green choice

If we all used alternative transportation one time a week, we'd reduce the number of cars on our road by 20%. That's a lot of pollution kept out of our air and fossil fuels conserved!

+ Spend less on your commute

When you carpool, you have total flexibility to decide with your ride partners how to share costs. Split gas 50/50? Alternate cars and drivers? Pay in donuts and coffee? It's all up to you. By choosing to share a ride, you'll save significantly over the cost of driving your own car. Just think - how will you spend the money you save?

+ Emergency Ride Home

Never worry about missing a ride home. Our Guaranteed Ride Home program will make sure you get home if you have an emergency, fall ill, or if you simply need to stay later than normal at the office. Who doesn't love a little peace of mind?

+ Save Time

With no need to watch the road, you can relax and enjoy the ride. Imagine what you could do with the time you'd save each day to take it easy. What could you work on? What fun chats could you have? Find out by finding your carpool partner.

Carpool Resources


ParkBoi Carpool 

Save money and park in the best spots! Carpool 4 times a week and cut your monthly parking fare in half and get priority parking in the Park Boi garages. Worried about those days you can’t carpool?  Each approved carpooler receives 4 daily parking passes each month to use on days unable to carpool.  Not a monthly garage pass holder? Carpoolers move to the top of the ParkBOI parking wait list. ParkBoi Carpool members have to sign up on MyCommuterCrew as a carpooler (and have a designated carpool partner).

Want to take advantage of this program…

1.      Create a commuter profile at MyCommuterCrew.com – make sure your carpool partners do the same.

2.      Complete the ParkBOI Monthly Parking Enrollment/Payment Policy Form and ParkBoi Carpool Program Addendum – make sure you include your carpool partner’s name/email.

3. Go to ParkBoi Offices to officially enroll

4.      Track your commute every month – each carpooler (ACHD Commuteride checks the website on the 5th of the following month to verify that you are carpooling 4 times/week)

5.      Place the ParkBOI Carpool Program hangtag on your rear view mirror

6.      Park in an open spot in one of the designated priority carpool areas or any other open spot of your choosing.

7.      On those days you choose not to carpool, use one of your daily passes and park in any non-designated parking space in the garage (pick up your 4 daily passes at CCDC for those days you are unable to carpool).

Want more information? Contact CCDC at 208-384-4264.  

Need a carpool partner?  Visit the MyCommuterCrew rideshare platform and create a commuter profile. Don’t forget to select carpool as one of your options.

Emergency Ride Home

Though you may never need it, you have a ride home if an emergency ever strikes.
Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is available when:

  • You or an immediate family member gets sick or has a severe crisis

  • Your carpool driver has to unexpectedly leave early or stay late

  • You have unexpected overtime

To Qualify for ERH, You Must:

  • Create a mycommutercrew.com profile and log your past 30 days of commuting.

  • Be a part-time or full-time employee

  • Have shared a ride (vanpool or carpool), taken the bus, biked or walked to work on the day the ride is needed

Registering is Easy, the Ride is Free

After you create a My Commuter Crew profile and log your previous commutes, you are able to print a free voucher good for a taxi ride home. You may use the service up to six times or $300 per calendar year, which ever one comes first.  You can only print a voucher on the day of the emergency.  Detailed instructions for the service are provided once you register.  ERH users are responsible for the taxi driver’s gratuity.